Run a command when switching dashboards

I am using HABpanel as a remote control for my home theater since my Harmony One died. I have one dashboard for each activity on the system, so Plex, DirecTV & Radio. For now I have a drop down option that appears on each dashboard to manually switch the receiver input. The other users in the house find this confusing.
I have a set of buttons along the bottom of each dashboard to switch to the other activities. I am interested in a way to send a command to change the receiver input when the dashboard changes. For example send the command for the DirecTV input on the receiver when someone switches to the DirecTV dashboard.

Maybe you can go the other way around and use the “Switch dashboard with item value” setting - this will switch your dashboard to the value of a String item you specify when it receives an update.

So if you have a dashboard named “DirecTV” (the value in the URL), you define an item, say String Activity, select it in “When this item changes to a dashboard’s name, switch to it” setting in HABPanel, and use a rule (when Item Activity received update DirecTV then ...) to switch the receiver input.
Lastly, you add buttons in other dashboards sending the command “DirecTV” to the Activity item.

Ok that worked. It wasn’t entirely obvious how it was supposed to work but I got it figured out.

Basically I have the AV Receiver input item with the inputs named to the same as the Habpanel dashboards. Then it switches just fine when I select the input from the drop down menu.