Run Google Cloud Print support for Cups as a daemon

Hi All,
I am using cups and the cups binding to switch on my printer, if needed. This works great.

But I want to have support for Google Cloud Print.
Since my printers are switched via smart wall plugs, I can not use the firmware functionality for cloud print.

I installed the python package from:
But I can not run it as a daemon. The program will pause for a few seconds and then abort.
Are there any other ways to do this?
(customized start/stop script, screen session)

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is your OS? How are you running it as a daemon (e.g. what is your .service or init.d script)? In particular, what user are you trying to run it as when starting it as a daemon? Does the script require you to be in that directory to start it? Have you watched your syslog to see if it is printing out any errors?

If you can run it from the command line you should be able to run it as a daemon.