Running 2 homes in one app

Hello Community,

here is just a simple question I am looking for, but I didn’t realy find a solution after searching and trying around.
i would like to connect 2 instance of openhab 2 into one android app, meaning having 2 seperate hosts, both running openhab2 seeing in one android app (like a second sitemap would be perfect)
I have setup an openhab2 which is beautiful running since long time, thanks to all the people involved there!
So I decided to set up a second openhab2 server, however using the same UUID and secret for openhab cloud connector is destroying the connection to the major one, I think register a second account, will also not be a solution, I will run into trouble due to the single openhab android app installation.

So i am not seeing a solution at the moment, can somebody please confirm or give me the right hint to look to?

Searching this forum for "

Covers the basic situation -

For more detail read here -

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