Running full mvn build within Eclipse or stopping Eclipse from interfering with cmdline mvn

Is there a way to get command line mvn to work while Eclipse is running, OR have eclipse run the maven build for me (Run As Maven Build…) ? I seem to have locking issues when trying to run command line mvn while Eclipse is running and have to exit every time to run the code checks, then have to restart Eclipse to fix the line numbers it complains about.
Alternatively, the Run As Maven Build fails with

Unknown lifecycle phase “mvn”. You must specify a valid lifecycle phase

One of the two methods, would be helpful.


I typically save changes and close the project in eclipse, but leave eclipse running. Not ideal, but a bit faster than stopping and restarting eclipse.

Disabling auto-build in Eclipse seems to help a bit… Still I wish there were some instructions on how to get mvn to work within eclipse. I tried playing with the settings but am not good enough with it to figure it out.

Run as> Maven Build…> clean install -DskipTests -DskipChecks -T 1C -U

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