Running myopenHAB Cloud on same Raspberry Pi as openHAB 2

I’ve been Googling and searching here inside forum but what I can only find is setting up 2 different systems.

But what if I just want to use the same Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian installed, that already has openHAB 2 working flawlessly?

Can I do that?

Short answer, no.
Your myopenHAB cloud instance needs to be deployed on a server which is reachable outside your home network.
So get a cheap VM from Scaleway, Linode, DigitalOcean or whatever provider you could think of.

I see. But it becomes possible if I simply setup another Raspberry Pi as webserver, right? The only thing that might not work is making the very same system being the server and connect to itself at the same time.

Is it?

No, it just does not make sense to have myopenHAB and openhab run in the same network.

What do you want to achieve?

This is one of those situations where if you have to ask you probably shouldn’t do it.

Any port that you expose to the internet will be under constant attack. Never ever expose anything running on your LAN to the Internet unless you have the knowledge and skills to secure and monitor it. This is a lot of work and an ongoing task and it requires lots of special skills. If you are asking this question you are showing that you probably do not possess the knowledge or skills to do this safely.

This is why exists. This is why putting an instance of the Cloud Server on a cheap VM server off premises is the approach you should take. Then when/if the server becomes compromised, none of the rest of your computers will become compromised too. You should still monitor and maintain that VM, but hosting it off your LAN keeps your LAN safer.


Ok, now I feel dumb!

How could I never think about that obvious matter: LAN!

Well, I’m sorry for taking your time with this and yes, of course this makes total sense to NEVER use anything online directly connected to a home LAN.

Thank you for the help, I really don’t know where I had my head to think of something like this. As of my experience, I should have though about this before.