Running OH3 in Eclipse doesn't "see" zwave addon project

When start OH3 in eclipse using “Debug OSGi”, OH starts up, but it doesn’t see the zwave addon eclipse project:


  • Followed the OH3 dev setup for eclipse instructions, imported the zwave addon project during that process
  • Didn’t update app.bndrun at all - do I need to?
  • Searching for zwave in repositiories comes up empty - maybe that’s a clue?

I’m more than happy to submit a PR to the eclipse install doc once I’ve resolved it


Well did you continue reading the documentation beyond the installation, did look at the animation :grinning: Like here: Eclipse IDE | openHAB

Sure did. As mentioned in my original post, searching for “zwave” in the “Browse Repos” section comes up empty.

Did you add the zwave binding to the demo pom.xml?

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