Running TVHeadend server on Openhabian?

Hi all,

On my Ras Pi 3, I am running Openhabian, with Openhab2 and Pi-hole running fine, w/ CPU load usually 1-2%, sometimes going up to 10%.

TVHeadend would likely be much more intensive. Do you think it is a bad idea to run it on the same Openhabian installation on the Pi? My OH2 does not run critical components – mainly speakers at this point.

Thank you.

It isn’t CPU you have to worry about but RAM. OH is likely taking up half a gig of RAM on its own. I don’t know about Pi-Hole but if TVHeadend takes a lot of RAM it may not work.

Thank you Rich, yes you are probably right on that. Will make backup image, give it a go, and see how it works. Thanks