Runtime commands missing on Karaf

Hi there, I just found I cannot use commands like openhab:send or openhab:status in my karaf console. Other commands work, though ( bundle:list, shudtown, … ) No idea how to trace this to the source, can anyone point me where to look?

Of course the Item Dim_Cocina_Halo exists and works inside sitemap, rules, etc…

(OpenHAB 2.5.0 / Karaf 4.2.7 / JVM OpenJDK 25.232-b18 / Linux 4.14 amd64)

in openhab 2.5 the commands are named smarthome:....

OMG, I’m such an idiot, I was looking at Runtime Commands | openHAB

I guess you shouldn’t belive all you read in the official docs :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot! I was starting to panic :laughing:

you should … For your version you need to look at Runtime Commands | openHAB

Good point. I just googled it and got the URL with credible info, didn’t expect it to be for a previous version. Perhaps a header in the site advertising the existence of a twin site or maybe a selector for the version in the header would be really helpful…

There is one.

Notice that is in the upper right hand corner on the menu sidebar so it’s available on every page.

Unfortunately if you select an older version from “latest” that selector moves to the upper right and it’s not necessarily on every page (which is probably why it was moved to the menu sidebar in latest).

At least on my system selecting „2.5“ resets to „latest“.

Weird. I just connected and clicked around a bit and for me at least it’s sticking to the v2.5 version as I click around. It’s easy to follow as URL will keep “” as the first part of the URL.

It might be worth filing an issue.

For the record, I’m using the latest Brave browser.

Well, if you just go to the URL I posted (Runtime Commands | openHAB), you will find the selector points to “latest”, but the contents, well, not so much :slightly_smiling_face:

So maybe I was “rightly misleaded” if you allow me the expression… probably there’s a problem there.

I’m not sure where you were led astray. The URL you posted is to the latest docs which cover OH 3.0 and above right now. And those commands (e.g. openhab:status) are the commands to use in the latest release version of openHAB (i.e. 3.0). So, given you are looking at the latest docs and those are the correct commands for the latest version of OH I don’t see where you are lead astray.

Now if you change the version from latest to 2.5 by clicking where it says “Version: latest” and choosing 2.5 from the list, you will see the docs for OH 2.5.

Notice the URL now has “v2.5” in it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t remember where you were so you need to navigate to the Runtime Commands page again.

Notice the URL has v2.5 in it and it says “Version: 2.5” in the upper right. Most importantly notice that the command are correct for 2.5, namely they start with “smarthome” instead of “openhab”. That is the correct docs for OH 2.5.

As far as I can tell, assuming that the docs are working properly and not resetting as they did for J-N-K, the main confusion was in either assuming that this didn’t change between OH 2.5 and OH 3 or not realizing that the latest version of OH is OH 3 and you need to look at a previous version of the docs for OH 2.5.

tl;dr: The page pointed to by latest even in your URL are the correct docs for the latest version of OH. OH 2.5 is no longer the latest and these are among the breaking changes between the two versions.

My misleading is very easy to understand:

If you see this:

you can perfectly (safely?) assume that 2.5 is latest. It is a common pattern in sites with versioning to list every single release and have “latest” pointing to the actual latest release number listed. Why? Because you can’t tell there is a 3.0 version released from that list. I mean, you and many others in the community are aware for sure, but not non-regular users like me. If you ask me, from that list, 2.5 is latest…

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You can file an issue if you find it confusing.

Thank you, I will, just not sure under which version should I file it :grin:

That’s fair. In this case it’s the docs so you’d file it under the openhab-docs repo. See How to file an Issue for details.