Russound Binding to Tuner

I have a Russound MCA C5 and I am setting up a sitemap.

I have issues figuring out what item is used to set the tuner radio station. I have the source switching working fine. My source 1 is the tuner, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the item name for the current radio station or how to change radio stations.

If anyone could please help that would be great. @tmrobert8

help will come much quick Nat if you post your sitemap file and also version of OpenHAB and platform you are running it on

Openhabian. 2.3 stable.

I don’t have the items in my sitemap because the question is what are the proper russound source (or zone) items to use to change the tuner preset.

To add on I guess what values do those items expect. Is it the frequency or a number or something else.


That’s a much harder question than you would expect. First off - do you use habpanel by any chance (I have a nice widget for habpanel that mimics the myrussound app interface - including doing what you are asking).

You might want to do some light reading on the underlying protocol ( to understand. Basically a zone has a source and that source can be different things - so to ‘control’ the source, you send keystrokes to the zone as if you were working with a keypad. In your case, your source is a tuner - so to change channels, you’d need to send the radio station to the source as a series of keystrokes…

Example - you need to send “KeyRelease DigitOne” (case sensitive) to the “event” channel on the zone to have a “1” sent to the source. So if you try to tune to “105.1” - you’d send “KeyRelease DigitOne” then “KeyRelease DigitZero” then “KeyRelease DigitFive” then “KeyRelease DigitOne” to the “event” channel (note: there is a “keyrelease” channel as well - just send “Digitxxx” to it as an alternative).

If you don’t mind reading code - look at and search for “Radio Keypad” - you’ll see how the habpanel does things…

This was from a private message but I’m responding in public in case someone has the same question. Similar to the above - you need to send a “restorePreset x” to the “event” channel where x is the preset in question. Please note that the preset number ranges from 1 to 36 - 1-6 is the presets for bank 1, 7-12 is the presets for bank 2, etc

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The second post was exactly what I was looking for. I did Wade through the code but the “restorePreset” wording had me questioning if I was looking at the right area.

This response was perfect and I can get the rest of what I need done with rules.

Thank you