SagerWeatherCaster Binding - setup, configuration and use

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to develop my home Openhab system and I’m curious about producing good forecast data for my location. I’ve readen the openhab wiki and I found the SagerWeatherCaster binding, now I’m trying to understand how it works and how to configure it but I find the guide a little bit obscure.
If I understood in o good way, this binding uses input data from other bindings (for example Weather binding or bindings that take data from local sensors) and calculates seven output data (Wind Orientation, Wind Trend, Pressure Trend, Weather Forecast, Wind Forecast, Wind varying from, Wind varying to). The problem is that I can’t understand where to configure the input data, to say that I want that SagerWeatherCaster takes the input data from the Weather binding that I have (working good) in my Openhab system. The wiki says this:

Number winddirection … {sagercaster=“windbearing”} : The wind direction expressed in 0-360°. This item has to be persisted
Number seapressure … {sagercaster=“sealevelpressure”} : The Seal Level Pressure, expressed in hPa. This item has to be persisted
Number cloudlevel … {sagercaster=“cloudlevel”} : The current cloud level, expressed in %
Switch israining … {sagercaster=“raining”} : An item indicating wether it’s raining or not. This item must be a SwitchItem
Number beaufort … {sagercaster=“windspeed”} : Windspeed, expressed in Beaufort Index

Because it’s written that these items have to be persisted, I wrote in my mysql.persist the names of these items with the following strategy: everyChange, restoreOnStartup.

Anyway, nothing works because I didn’t tell anywhere to the SagerWeatherCaster binding where to find its input, this is surely the first problem.

Anybody knows how to configure it?