Samba /<root> share

I use on my rpi the actual version of openhabian. On my windows PC I have SSH access and use samba share. It works fine.
Now I would like to access (read only) to different / files like *.ini files but I dont’ know how can I do it for example with samba.
With WinSCP I get the error message "Permission denied’.
How can i access to the data without changing the rights?
I found this: Permission denied (openhab2, winSCP)
Thanks in advance!!!

That is a Samba-specific question better suited for a Samba forum. Although openHAB can use Samba and many other Linux programs, complex Samba configuration is not on topic for this openHAB foirum.

openHABian will provide all relevant OH data as the /srv share. Option 13 (I think) to re-init.
Anything other than that is not specific to OH so as @Bruce_Osborne said please visit a Samba forum for that.

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ok, thank you!