Same Item on one graph with two data streams?

Hi there,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to display (without grafana) two different timeperiods data value of same Item?
Usecase: I’m persisting all relevant data for my setup and wanted to draw a graph from OH with current temperature and current temperature year ago.

I already have data and populating different item with rule. But since this "new’ item which holds data year ago is not persisted (no reason) I can’t draw it on the graph by default.

I have

Number:Temperature      Weather_Temperature         "Air [%.1f°]"           <temperature>   (gStore10, Graph_Weather, Graph_Temperatures, Graph_InOutWater, gMinMaxDaily, gMinMaxAlltime, gMinMaxLastYear) { channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#temperature" [profile="follow"]}
Number  Weather_Temperature_LastYear    "rule [%.1f°]"      <temperature> 

and _LastYear is indeed populated by rule, which digs into the influxdb and retracts correct value for given time in the day of persisted Weather_Temperature

Is there a elegant way to draw second line on the graph where current Temperature will be together with LastYear?

I would digg into the “item is not persisted” problem.
If your *lastYear item gets the correct data it should be possible to persist it . Please post your the used config for persisting this item.

IMHO there is no other way to get the desired output using openHAB. Note that the data to be displayed needs to build up over a period in orderto show up ( after a week the display could show the graph for last week and a week one year ago)!

See the sample here:

I indeed can persist them. But that means I’ll be persisting already persisted data, which is quite weird way which I want to avoid if possible.

thanks, looks like there is a way ! :slight_smile:

So I’m proudly proven wrong!