Samotech Dimmers with Sonoff ZBPro tasmota and MQTT

Hi all

Thanks for reading…

My setup :
openHab 3.2.0 running on a Windows machine
openHab user now for several years - over 50 devices controlled by openHab, mostly via MQTT over Wifi

A while back I took the decision to remove Raspberry PI’s and any dongles - My system is in a Windows VM and is 100% configured using text files for items, things and rules. That’s just the way I like it.

I’m stepping into the world of zigbee as this seems to offer good low cost wall switches. So far my experiences have been excellent. My route to zigbee is a sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro flashed with Tasmota (12.1.1). This is working excellently with various Tuya switches.

I’m now trying to replace rotary dimmer switches with the Samotech SM323 modules, but I’m hitting a few walls.

e.g. watching the MQTT, I can see when the dimmer is manually switched off (and respond as a switch in OH), but I cannot see when the dimmer is switched on, unless I then adjust the brightness.

Has anyone got experience of these or other Samotech devices and built any item, thing or rules files that work with Samotech zigbee via MQTT?

Any contributions gratefully received.