Sampling consumption data from Smartmeter

Hello everybody

I plan to visualize my consumption data from smartmeter and Gasmeter in Openhab. I get the data with 1-wire-USB-Master ( and there were stored in 2 Files on a Raspi. At this point it is working fine so far. Unfortunatly I have no idea how to get the data to my OH2-System (running in a VM on my Server). Can anybody help me in this case?

Write a script that reads the files and pushes updates to oh thorough OH’s REST API or some other means (e.g. MQTT).

Hi rlkoshak

thank you for your hint. But I don’t know how to realize this. Can you give me an example?

I can’t help with reading the data. If it is in a file you will need to read the data from the file as it is written. There should be less of examples on the web in your scripting language of choice.

To publish the changes to OH you can use [this] ( as an example or as a basis for publishing the data to OH.