Samsung AC pseudo-binding OH3

Hi guys,
After searching and trying to get properly working my samsung smart air conditioner with OH3 without success I wrote a bit of code to solve the problem.

First of all I’m not a java developer so developing a binding was out of scope for me. I already use MQTT in my openhab so I decided to create a bridge to the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner “protocol” to MQTT topics.

After a couple of days of work I had this one:

It is python 3.10 based with docker files to build a self-standing container.

Feel free to check out, contribute and give me feedback if you are interested!


Oh that’s awesome!! I’m currently on the market for ACs and picking one that is offline and compatible is so hard :frowning:

Pay attention: as far as I understood these AC are manufacutrer up to 2018… So nothing for new installations but something for old unsatisfied samsung customer (the official app is not more working also with latest android phones). So having it on openhab is a way to bring back the smartness :slight_smile:

Good to know. I was initially looking at Samsung and noticed it was a bit funky. Looked at Bosch and noped out of there. Now looking at daikin and overall it’s looking decent… let’s see how it goes.

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