Samsung multiroom Binding - binding is ready!

Hey community,
In the past weeks, I was able to develop an OpenHab 3 binding to control my Samsung Multiroom audio system. (R7 360 Bluetooth Multiroom Speaker - Ultimate Wireless Sound | Samsung UK). I know that this system is already some years old and deprecated by Samsung, but that is why I wanted to claim control over it. (It also took many years to get some insights on the used APIs to control them). But hey, better late than never :slight_smile:

The Addon is fully functional (use it daily and was tested on various samsung WAM devices). And it already supports the following features:

  • Basic control (play, pause, stop) and volume control
  • Start playing ‘presets’ defined in a speaker
  • Retrieve information on what is playing, status, album information, groupname, …
  • Play a custom MP3 from the internet on your speaker (image the possibilities :smiley: )
    Grouped players can be controlled by controlling the first device of the group.

Use case: I currently control my group of speakers with a Zigbee based remote control.

The addon is not yet publicly available. Please drop me a message if you would like to test the latest version on your samsung speakers.

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Source code and compiled version can be found on: GitHub - wdrc/Openhab_Binding_SamsungWAM_Multiroom: OpenHab binding for Samsung Multiroom

can get the url to work