Samsung SmartThings binding: link to the Github repository broken


I’ve got a Samsung SmartThings hub and have installed the SmartThings binding. But the link on the openHAB installation instruction ( to the Github repository where the 2 apps should be downloaded ( throws a 404.

Does anyone know where to find these 2 apps?



If you are trying to install stable openHAB that is the wrong link. That is a link to the temporary site will what will be the next version,. openHAB 3.

The SmartThings configuration documentation is here.

That looks like an official source repo link but jar files to install are never stored there. The source code was recently reorganized to archive OH2 addons in preparation for openHAB 3.


CC @BobRak Can you fix this.

That would be for OH 3 though. They would likely want the OH2 version.

It’s not about the jar. In smartthings you need to install 2 groovy scripts to make the binding work with openHAB. The url points to those 2 scripts. Theoretically it might a different script for different versions of the binding and therefor it’s tricky to point in the documentation to an unspecified version on GitHub…

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I did find it. It was not clear to me that in fact these are script and that simply the source code muste be copy/pasted. Sorry for bothering.



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The following Pull Request has been created for this:

Updated smartthings code URL in #8635

It is unfortunate that one has to resort to copying and pasting to get the code into the Smartthings hub. Right now there is no other way. I recently bought Inovelli and Zooz switches. They both required the same process to get their custom device handlers installed.

Zooz switches work fine with the openHAB Z-Wave binding. In fact, they have assisted us in supporting their devices.