Samsung/Smartthings Multiv4 STS-MLT-950 Zigbee - Is Anyone using?

Thanks Chris … I cant say whether I tried that along the way (I have used that feature) … but anyway it works now :slight_smile:

A total nitpick … but the device shows “Illuminance” for the Temperature … it doesn’t matter (and maybe you did that on purpose to remind yourself or someone later) … anyway here’s a screenshot:

And thanks for your excellent support.

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Can you provide the XML file for this device please - it’s in the userdata\zigbee\xxx folder (where xxx is the network name).

The binding generates the channels from information the device provides - it’s possible that the binding incorrectly links the channel name, but then this would be the same for every device - or it might be that the device incorrectly reports the features (or maybe something else :slight_smile: ).

Here’s the XML for that device:

24FD5B00010390E6.xml (60.9 KB)

Thanks. I think I’ve found this - this device is a bit non-standard so there’s a static definition specifically for it, and that seems to be incorrect.

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