Samsung Smartthings new binding suggestion using Webhooks

Hello developers,

Could somebody point me into the right direction? I have Samsung washer that is not supported in the currently developing binding
So I started to dig and found out that Samsung is offering new Developer Workspace that is using WebHook endpoint to communicate to your own hub/device

Apparently nobody will open port on their networks to allow incoming HTTP to openhab, so Samsung is suggesting to use ngrok for this, however I was wondering if it’s possible to do using myopenhab instead?

If the incoming HTTP calls can directly call OH’s REST API then the answer is yes. If not, then you will need some sort of program that can translate the HTTP calls it does create into OH REST API calls.

I’ve moved this to a more appropriate binding. Development is intended for discussion about OH code.

Maybe using Webhooks is a wrong approach here. But in generals, did anybody look into new Samsung SmartThings Developer Workspace?