Samsung TV 2018

New to OpenHab - I see a ton of debate over supported Samsung TVs - trying to determine if the websocket implementation works by default of if there is a custom thing declaration to activate it - any place where I can look?
Has anyone gotten 2018 QLED Samsung TVs to work?

Welcome William,

There you can read the following:

Also support added for TVs using websocket remote interface (2016+ models)

And thing configuration..

But if your model is running, I don’t know, sorry.

Or this.

[samsungtv] Added websocket support for remote controller (2016+ models)

I’m currently looking into a new Q90R samsung qled.
I can’t seem to find much info on whether it is possible to control it using openhab? I’d need to be able to switch from hdmi to the built in netflix or apple TV+ sources and back.
My openhab config is running on an older macbook whose only purpose is running openhab, itunes and kodi.

Any ideas?
Thanks alot!