Samsung tv binding for newer tvs?

is anyone working on bindings for newer samsung tvs that i cant find?
the current samsung tv binding can find the tv but doesnt control or follow/control the tv.

Would like to ask the same, I looked around and got information that API documentation is a problem for Samsung when it comes to TV.

I have a GQ65Q8DNGT QLED and the TV ist found, but I can’t fetch any information from it or control it.

The TV is capable to show notifications for smartthings and other stuff. Does anybody know if you can do custom notifications?

I’m interested in this too. I’m about to buy a smart TV and am favouring a Samsung but understand that the binding doesn’t work with new TVs due to them using encryption?


I´ve got a Samsung 55Q7F and it´s not possible to control anything with the current existing binding(s).

me too,

as written in this Topic I am able to see the changes made by the TV but I am not able to control them from OH. TV is 55Q6F. If someone has an idea or hint, I would appreciate that.


I do have exactly the same problem as you Woogi, I also see Volume-changes in OH that are done with the remote control, but if I change them in OH, nothing happens. My TV is a Samsung UE50KU6070