Samsung TV Model K Binding?

Hi all,

is there a Binding for Samsung TVs Model K ? Or is there a Documentation about the Interface for self programming ?


Source code is on github, if you are a programmer feel free:

Is there a Samsung documentation about the Interface ?

Does anyone have a documentation about the Samsung 2016 Model Bluetooth interface ?

Now there are two ways to control the TV

  1. Similar to the new Remote with Bluetooth

  2. Similar to the Smart view app or quick connect of android Mobile Phones.

But without documentation about the accepted commands it will be impossible to implement it :frowning:

Well, both OH1 and OH2 Samsung TV bindings are implemented without any documentation from Samsung. They are fully reverse engineered.

Yes but it is very difficult to sniff bluetooth traffic… are there any ideas ?

Controlling the TV with the existing binding is not realised via Bluetooth. It is realised via TCP Packets to Port 55000
Since i do not own a K series TV i can not confirm what is missing.
I suspect, that there is a kind of encryption implemented now.
So what you could do to get into the communication:
Use a packetsniffer like wireshark, but thats also difficult with encrypted communication.

There are specialized user groups like samygo but i my opinion this group really sucks.
You need to pay to get detailed informations on how to root your tv. (K series is still missing)

I will wait with purchasing a tv, until its fully supported (or, better supported)

I recently upgraded to a Samsung KS8000 series TV and gave the binding a try last night.

With the TV on, the binding finds the TV and Habmin and PaperUI show the TV online. But I couldn’t control anything. Unsure if I need to open a port to the TV or not to get it work internally within the LAN.

But I did get the Samsung SmartView (android) App to control the TV. And both the SmartView App and the OH2 binding reported the TV as a “Samsung 8 Series”.

And then I noticed PaperUI and Habmin will then go to offline when turning off the TV. But I was able to still turn on the TV with the SmartView App, although it appears the App can not distinguish between Off and On.

So. I believe this TV supports Wake on Lan, but also unsure if the Binding has the ability to find the TV or not when its off. My TV is also connected via hardline.

I too recently bought a KS8000. The PaperUI discovers the TV, but can’t control anything. When searching for solutions I came across the link below:

This worked like a champ. I had anaconda with Python already. I installed Websockets. In a few minutes of playing I was able to mute, turn the TV on and off, and change channels. You have to put in KEY_ENTER after KEY_POWER or KEY_MUTE. Also, if you run it from the normal command line, put the TV’s ip address between the .py file and the first key. Like “python KEY_1 KEY_0 KEY_7 KEY_ENTER”.

I am not very good in Python or Java, but I am decent in other languages, and this looks pretty straight forward to me.

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Thanks for that link and got the script working as well and controlling basic On and Off, Mute.

would you know what key commands would possibly let you go direct to specific APPs or menu Items along the bottom of the smart menu? I was thinking those were EXT1, EXT2 possibly but having figure out.

Since I use the Direct rbu (built in) and then separate Nvidia Shield for Kodi, I’m trying to connect to each item directly.