Samsung TV

I am unable to power on or off my Samsung TV. Everything else works…any ideas?

Do you have the TV connected to an AVR with Anynet+ (CEC)? Perhaps this is keeping the TV on.

My Samsung TV doesn’t have WOL and so can’t be powered on through the network. Possibly you have the same problem?

(I’ve just gone through the pain of building a raspberry pi/LIRC infra-red unit so I can switch it on remotely, with openHAB then controlling the pi)

it is connected to an avr, but that unit is off. worst case scenario, i have a global cache flex ir unit, but this would be so much easier

on the other hand, i may just use hdmi cec to turn it on, then let it time out for off

I think most (if not all samsung) models can’t turn on. I can get the commands I need except on.
I believe it has to so with the fact that when the TV is on standby the network port shuts down.