Samsungtv binding configuration

can you provide any example on how to configure samsungtv binding with new new openhab2 syntax ?

For example how can I define item to control volume ?

With the previous version I had the following item:
Rollershutter volume {samsungtv=“UP:Livingroom:KEY_VOLUP, DOWN:Livingroom:KEY_VOLDOWN”}

Now with openhab2 a see this channel:

How should I define my item do control this chanel ?


thats my items:

Switch TV1_power "Fernseher" {channel="samsungtv:tv:0r5r4900_0004_1000_94gd_78abhhz43134:power"}
Number TV1_channel "Kanal [%d]" {channel="samsungtv:tv:0r5r4900_0004_1000_94gd_78abhhz43134:channel"}
String TV1_source "Source" {channel="samsungtv:tv:0r5r4900_0004_1000_94gd_78abhhz43134:sourceName"}
Number TV1_volume "Lautstärke [%d]" {channel="samsungtv:tv:0r5r4900_0004_1000_94gd_78abhhz43134:volume"}
Switch TV1_mute "Stumm" {channel="samsungtv:tv:0r5r4900_0004_1000_94gd_78abhhz43134:mute"}

thats the usage on sitemap:

			Frame label="TV" {
				Switch item=TV1_power icon="television"
				Switch item=TV1_source label="" mappings=[TV='TV', HDMI1='HDMI1 - FireTV', HDMI2='HDMI2 - WiiU', HDMI3='HDMI3 - Chrome'] icon="none"
				Switch item=TV1_mute icon="soundvolume_mute"
				Setpoint item=TV1_volume icon="soundvolume"
				Setpoint item=TV1_channel icon="none"

please note my icons are non standard mostly (also ‘none’ is a custom icon) :wink:

Yes It works!

Many thanx

everytime i try this it all works but hdmi 1 in the event log it says two things on one press
2016-11-20 00:58:54.337 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘LRTV_source’ received command HDMI1
2016-11-20 00:58:54.347 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - LRTV_source changed from HDMI2 to HDMI1
2016-11-20 00:58:54.593 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘LRTV_source’ received command HDMI1
2016-11-20 00:58:55.105 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - LRTV_source changed from HDMI1 to HDMI2

Does it work with the old samsung lcd?

Does it work with the old samsung lcd?

Well, old is relative concept. Binding should support most/some of the C (2010), D (2011), E (2012) and F (2013) models.

It would be great if Samsung TV binding users could give a feedback about used/tested models. See

I have the b650 model, has the LAN socket on the back, could it work?

As far I know, B model doesn’t support upnp or ir remote control emulation, so therefore binding doesn’t work either.

ok, thanks