SamsungTV, possible to read status?

I cannot find any information about reading the status from TV. Is it possible to read status like on/off, sorce etc?

My TV is a Samsung UE40J5510.


afaik the binding only supports sending commands to the TV, there is no “response”.

What i do to at least detect ON or OFF:
I gave the TV a fixed IP on my router and use Network health to “ping” the TV, like so:

Switch        TV        "TV ist"        <television>        (gStatus)        { nh="x.x.x.x" }


Switch item=TV                    mappings=[ON="ONLINE"]        visibility=[TV==ON]
Switch item=TV                    mappings=[OFF="OFFLINE"]    visibility=[TV==OFF]

This Item can also be used in rules; for example if the house has to tell us something and the TV is ON, it knows someone is in the living room. It lowers the volume, says what it has to say (via Android tablet/squeezebox client) and then raises the volume again.

Hi Oli,

I tried your solution with network health and it works!
Thanks a lot for your answer and taken the time to paste yout config.


De rien. :vulcan: