[satel] bindings scanning: shutter visible as zone

Dear All,

I successfully managed to configure my Satel Integra 128 plus with openhab. Unfortunately
after scanning, shutter outputs are visible as type ‘zone’.
is it possible to change this type?
rasp pi 4 - openhabian
Integra 128 us

best regards.

Ok , I resolved this issue by adding shutters manually.

Best regards.

Hi @Robert_Wachowiak
First of all, there is dedicated topic for Satel binding: Satel binding - support, announcements and feature requests
Please post your issues there, as I am not able to spot all the topics with Satel binding issues.
I from time to time search for topics with “satel” keyword, this is how I found this one :slight_smile:

Regarding your issue: I will look into this, but I may need a little help from your side. Will let you know.