Saving System State as Preset

Hi everybody,

I already did my share of searching for this topic but might be I’m still not using the correct search terms.

I want to control a serially controllable video matrix with openHab. No Problem with that one, I guess. But in addition I’d like to save the state of the device (all in- and Output-routings) under a certain name with the click of a button and -of course- want to be able to recall that state any given time.

Example: “Store Preset” | “All Screens from 1” [optionally set Name via (onscreen?-) Keyboard]
Later: "Restore Preset (from a list of Presets) ‘All Screens from 1’ ".

Is ‘persistence’ the correct starting Point for this?

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I don’t think persistence is the way to go for this. To store it under its own name would require dynamically creating a new Item or just storing all saved states as a single blob you have to parse and append to. I would approach the problem by offloading this to a script that I call via the Exec binding, but without a whole lot more details…

Thanks for the Response. I guess offloading things to a script is one of the better ideas. This might even provide a solution for other things I worried about, too (I have a device with a somewhat unsensible complicated protocol/ behaviour).