Scale a number works but you cannot display the number


I have number which I want to scale but also want to display the actual value.
For example. I want to show that 0-3 is Level 1, 3-6 is Level 2 etc. I would also want to see the number though in a different widget however, you can’t.

Is this the correct behaviour?


[..3]=Level 1
]3..6]=Level 2
]6..8]=Level 3
]8..10]=Level 4
[10..]=Level 5
Number Uv_Sensor_Level "UV Level [SCALE(test.scale):%s]"

What I see:

I would have expected:

  • the Server Format one to work (show the scaled value)
  • No Format should show the raw value (or not, either seem correct)
  • Forced should show the value

Looking into the debug log for Chrome it is full of errors saying numeric expected, string provided which makes sense as to why the last one is not showing.

I see in chrome console I get this

The raw number is coming to the browser.

Is this expected? It seems wrong to me :confused: