Scaling of image in basicUI

I am adding an image from my mobotix camera and it used to scale just fine in the ClassicUI on OH1 and also in OH2.
But on OH2s basicUI the image is blown to the full image size instead of being scaled to the boundaries.

All works fine if the browser window is not so wide that items are displayed side by side but only row by row. When i increase the width just after the point where they switch to side by side mode - the image is scaled to 100% (which is obviously too big)

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Did you find a solution to this?
I use “BlueIris” to manage my security cameras and thankfully it lets me set the size of the images that it webcasts that I then pick up and show in OpenHAB.

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not so far, but I had a break on playing with the system for a while.
Worked good enough till now.

Would be great when something like the webview attribute “height” gets implemented…

Are there any news regarding this topic?

put the images in a .html file - adjust the size there - and show it in sitemap with webview-item - thats what i do - so you are free to play with image sizes

get an image from a json file through http binding. The url is in the item. Is there a way to embed a dynamic url (image) in a html-file?

I could see how you can do it with an image that has a url but how would you do it with an item image? For instance I am using the Alexa binding and it shows the image of the album that is an image type item. Any thoughts on that?

The echo binding has a channel called ‘Image url’ that is a string with the url of the album act. Will that not work?

not sure how I would extract that url into my html.

If this was your image item

Image     item=Echo_ImageUrl

and this was your HTML, how would I include the item in the html?

<!DOCTYPE html>
img {
  width: 50%;

<img src="" alt="Random Splash Image should be replaced by OH item">


I use javascript & jquery in my web page which is out of the scope of this forum. google
as far as getting the value from OpenHAB you have two choices, write a little script to get it from the REST api or the REST api is also capable of sending server side events

ok I will take a look at how that works and see if I can get it going. Thanks