Scene channel on Hue binding not working in OH3? What am I missing?

Newbie question here. I’m using the OH3 GUI and Blockly to generate scripts. Apologies if the answer is blindingly obvious.

I’ve installed the Hue binding and it finds a variety of Things, including two Things that offer scene channels: Philips Hue Bridge and the lighting group I’m trying to control. I’ve installed both these Things in my Model, and then added String Points, but both remain Null despite changing the scene by other means.

The Brightness and Switch Channels and Points work fine for the lighting group, reporting the updated status if I change by other means, and changing the lighting group settings in response to OH3 commands.

So what am I missing for scenes? I’m expecting to see a alphanumeric string reported so I can then use that to select that scene using OH3, but I’m not seeing anything.