Scene controller options

What’s the least expensive option for automated scene controlling for a home theater. I know there are some already made devices like the minimote or more expensive wall modules. Then there’s always the option of leveraging an android tablet w/ a dashboard. I had an idea of using an extra raspberry pi but I guess it is probably not that practical.

What do a majority of people use. Basically I would like options to set the color of my LED’s that are in the tray in my ceiling (connected to zwave), the sconce dimmer (also zwave), Projector (using the Epson binding), yamaha receiver (yamaha binding), and harmony.

It would be great to be able to utilize a button on my harmony home remote to trigger a rule to set things, but it just seem like it’s not possible.

For me it’s not that big of a deal, the lights in the theater I barely use, I currently use an ipad with a pretty rudimentary sitemap that includes controls for a Fiabro RGBW, the house lights, and controls for the projector and receiver. Most of the time I walk in hit an activity on the harmony remote that turns on my projector, turns on the receiver and selects the correct input. After that I set the lighting via the ipad. Not ideal but it works.

Overall I would like something a little slicker for a guest, babysitter etc. Wall mount would be cool but overall I just don’t want to spend a ton (the reason I’m using an old ipad).

I guess I could do something like this and have a few kind of dummy activities to use as triggers.