Scene with Fibaro FGS-223


I’ve tried to set up a scene on my Fibaro FGS-223 on double click, but I haven’t been successful yet, by reading through the forum. Perhaps somebody can help me figure out the problem?

I have created a number item SCENE_Schalter that is associated with the switch via channel=“zwave:device:12a73875:node2:scene_number” and I have set the following parameters in HABmin:

Then I’ve created a rule

rule "Test"
	Item	SCENE_Schalter	received update
	logInfo("FILE", "Status " + SCENE_Schalter)
	logInfo("FILE", "Scene #" + SCENE_Schalter.state)
	if (SCENE_Schalter.state == 99) {
		logInfo("FILE", "Hello World.")

I would expect it to print the two log lines and then to log the hello world, but instead it just prints the status of the device from the first log line and afterwards says “Scene #NULL”.

Any idea what I have to change to get the value “99” that I configured for a double click of the switch? I suppose that I do the double click right by a physical “press - release - press - release” sequence on the momentary switch S1.

Thanks a lot in advance.

I suggest setting parameter 28 to 15, so you can catch all button presses.
The numbers you have to trigger in your rule:

//Switch 1 1xclick=1.0 ,2xclick=1.3,3xclick=1.4,press and hold=1.1
//Switch 2 1xclick=2.0 ,2xclick=2.3,3xclick=2.4,press and hold=2.1

Item SCENE_Schalter received update 1.3 //catch double click on switch 1

BTW, the way you have configured your FGS223, it reacts on associations (direct control from one device to another). In this case openHAB is not involved at all. Set the Lifeline to controller and delete the other associations if you want to control your FGS223 from within openHAB.

Hello @sihui

thank you very much for your explanation. Ah - I get the idea. Well - that’s perfect then as well. I thought in the case “key pressed 1 time” would mean it does not react to double clicks. I’ll try that.

Considering the lifelines I also learned something new. I thought this means, it sends on the lifelines 2 and 3 the info to openhab. So this means, it listens on those, if I get you right, doesn’t it?

Thanks again!

No, with parameter 28 set to 15 the FGS sends scene numbers for all kind of clicks.

No, associations apart from “Lifeline” are not even recognized by openHAB.

Hello @sihui

I just don’t know how to set it to 15. In HABmin I can select

  • Key pressed 1 time
  • Key pressed 2 time
  • Key pressed 3 times
  • Key Hold Down and Key Released

But not a combination of them. Do you have any idea of how to set it (perhaps outside of HABmin)?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Just click in the options field and type 15 with your keyboard, then hit enter:

To enter 15 and save didn’t work for me (it reset to the previous value), but I’ve set it to “key hold down and key released” and I get the 1.1 reported, so it works for me now. Thanks for the hint to delete the lifeline entries. I think that was the main issue.

Same thing for me, if i put 15 in the 28 and 29 parameters when i look back it says key hold down and key released! but if i press long on the physical button i don’t see any value in the log.