do you represent yours?

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Does anyone have any cool examples of how they represent scenes?

I know we can have dashboards with buttons and widgets etc but im wondering for scenes such as ‘Alarm the Home’ or Exit the home, you want these accesible at the top level of HabPanel without having to ‘drill down’ so to speak



I’m using this for lighting scenes only. It’s just a Number item with Selection widget in .sitemap/HABPanel, so I have 0=Off, 1=Movie Mode, 2=Game Mode, 3=Night Mode etc. Alarm is a Number item too, but it’s represented as Selection widget in .sitemap only (so, HABDroid and Basic UI), which aren’t that easy to access by everyone. In HABPanel, I’m using Keypad widget for arming/disarming alarm, so it’s not that easy to disarm alarm if there’s an intruder. It’s not real safety (at least for someone with IT knowledge), but, at least it’s not just a click on the wall panel.

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Hi Davor,

Cool - I’m interesting in visually how you present these in HabPanel, may I see what you do?

What i find with HabPanel is you have dashboards that may represent Rooms of your home, given that Scenes are not really tied to a Room, such as an Alarm or Exiting your home Im keen to see how people show these.

Maybe I just create a ‘security’ dashboard and put my Widgets there…



I don’t have security dashboard, but I have a main (General) dashboard with general information (like weather and time), alarm state and keypad widget. Here’s what it looks like:

You can see alarm state - Uključen (odsutan), presence (Person 1 and Person 2), and Keypad widget for arming/disarming alarm in the upper right part of the dashboard.

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Nice example, I think ill need to create something very similiar as a ‘general’ easy access dashboard ! Thanks Davor!