Scheduling one off event/rule

Hi All,

Looking for suggestions on how to schedule one-off, adhoc events?

For example with my Tesla Powerwall - I ordinarily schedule the reserve to change to 25% at 1am when off-peak energy rates commence; but say I know that the weather tomorrow is going to be awful, and I want to charge higher than this, but only for one day?

My only thought at the moment is to setup a switch item, that when enabled, tells the rule to charge to a higher number, then turns the toggle switch off, so that the next day it reverts to the 25% rule.



I’d use just a switch as you said and in the rule that runs daily check if that switch is set, then use the higher charging value and set the switch to off, if the switch is not set just use the normal charging value.

Thanks - good to hear I was on the right track :slight_smile:

Definitely start using a switch like suggested. But consider augmenting this later on. Under what conditions would you want to change the behavior? Does openHAB have this information now or can it get this information in some way (i.e. the weather forecast)? With this information can you calculate the desired behavior?

I would think the answer is yes.

The way I’d go about this is to definitely keep the switch. But add a rule that looks at the forecast and updates that switch Item based on the forecast.

This is where openHAB shines, the automation. Sometimes you fail at the first though and you can’t get the information into OH that you need. But in this case there are several weather add-ons that can provide the forecast for you.


I found Solcast sendHttpGetRequest - #8 by barneyd and now have a way to predict the next day’s solar production :slight_smile: