Schlage Lock

Has anyone actually gotten a Schlage lock to work? I have followed this:

And not gotten very far…
Just curious

This thread has the most up to date discussion.

I havent even gotten that far. I have it paired and needed to install the lock so I had to move it away from the dongle :slight_smile: – I was hoping to at some point be able to unlock the door for people we knew - not auto-magically just using a front door cam and manually unlocking. I will read through that discussion … seems that they have a lot of talk around OH2 wondering if anyone on 1.x has tried this.

The security command class work I believe has only been done in the OH 2 zwave binding. The OH 1 zwave binding is not undergoing enhancements any longer.

I’ve got a Schlage Camelot lock working perfectly with OH 1.8.1 and the security testing zwave binding I compiled a bit ago. It unlocks with no delay and the distance from the controller isn’t a problem. I believe they only need to be closer for pairing because it uses a lower power mode for that (so as to not broadcast keys and such to the neighborhood).

I haven’t tried the precompiled zwave binding linked in the wiki as everything else seems to be working perfectly.

So you followed that guide ? the general guide found here:


Yeah, compiled the binding, dropped it into my addons folder, rebooted openhab to make sure all 50+ zwave devices still worked then reset the lock, pulled it out of the door and put it next to my pi then did the include.

@Mike_Bagdanoff I must have missed the compile step … I downloaded the one in the instructions and went on my way…

There wasn’t a precompiled one linked to the instructions when I did this but I assume it works too. I’ll try it eventually but what I have works so I leave it be.

roger that, I am just wondering about what I can do for troubleshooting, perhaps my security setting in the cfg is incorrect?