Schwaiger ZHS03 aka WALLC-S discovered as something different?!

Hi! I am trying to include a wall switch into my setup (running Openhab 2.2.0 stable on a RaspberryPi). The switch is a Schwaiger ZHS03 which seems to be the rebranded WallC-S. I was able to have it detected using PaperUI and added it as a thing. At this point in time it was still an unknown device. Then I sent the node information a couple of times (using button 2 in management mode) and after a while it was identified… as a “ZME_KFOB-S Secure 4 Button Key Chain Controller”.
Did that happen to anyone before? What may be the reason?
Is there a chance of openhab detecting it correctly which out excluding / including or a factory reset of the switch?
Thanks for your info and support!

I think we’ve seen this in the past. It is caused by the manufacturer not using the device IDs defined by the protocol correctly. If they use the same IDs for multiple devices, then it’s not possible to differentiate the devices.

Presumably it will be detected the same each time. It’s possible (but very unlikely) that the device returned incorrect information, or it was corrupted when received by the device, so you can try an reinitialise the device in the binding to see if it changes. There is an option in HABmin (in the device menu) to do this.

I would suggest to use a more recent version of OH (or at least the ZWave binding) to ensure that any corrections made to the ZWave device database are included in your system.

Thank you for the explanation.By protocol you mean zwave standard in general or the protocol implemented in openhab? If you are referring to the standard itself not using the IDs correctly cannot only result in wrong device recognition in openhab but should be an issue in general, right?

I reinitialized the device and the switch did not communicate with the controller afterwards. Then I again sent the node information and it was recognized directly, unfortunately as the same (wrong) device as before.

I though about updating because I failed using a 2.3.0 snapshot of another binding and understand that the core release also has to fit the version of the addon (so 2.3.0 addons won’t work with 2.2.0 core). The only thing keeping me from it is the fact that it took me considerable effort to get my system up and running as before doing the update (both times).
How likely is it that the 2.3.0 will identify the switch correctly?
Would also appreciate feedback from other people having successfully included the switch!

The current database has no conflict so it’s highly likely to resolve the issue.

Update done. Afterwards the thing was still presented as the wrongly discoverey one. And I did not have the option of reinitialising within the advanced options.
Would I have to exclude and include the switch in order for the database to identify it correctly?

No - this is not needed. It might be safest to delete the thing and add it back - if I remember correctly, this device can be problematic to get initialised.