"screenSaver" widget

Hey , I don’t know if this is possible but I want to put a screen saver on top of all other widget with the time on it. BUT I don’t want to have to touch the screen to make it disappear and then have access to my widget I want that when I touch a widget the clock disappear AND the widget is activated …

You know something like this :


Create the overlay with css:

pointer-events: none;

That will enable you to have the overlay covering elements, but your events ‘bleed’ through, allowing you to still interact with your stuff.

Change transparency as well…

Thank you it work !

so right I have this code :

               width: 100%;
               font-family: Roboto, Helvetica, sans-serif
              position: absolute; 
							pointer-events: none;
              opacity: 0.7;
   <div class="col-md-7" style="top: -80px; left: -50px">
    	<div ng-init="clockmodel={
                    'digital_format':'HH:mm', }"class="text-center"><widget-clock ng-model="clockmodel" /></div> 


I want to add something like : On touch remove div clock for 15 minutes

If you can write a controller for this, that would be the best route. If not, I suggest you use an intermediate item to control.

For example:
on click -> send command to an item, a switch would be great for this, send an ON command.
On your template, add an ng-if="itemValue(‘yourswitch’) == ON"
In a rule, when your ‘yourswitch’ changed to ON, start a timer to do a sendCOmmand(yourswitch, OFF)

Hope this is sufficient, if not let me know if you need help with actual code