Script bash doesn't work with LaunchDaemons

I run my configuration with my terminal ( mac os sierra) with going to the openhab directory and by enter ./
Next I go on the website, and when I switch on a button, I have a rule that execute command like "bash /Users/exhibition/openhab/scripts/"
It works fine.
Now I launch this same configuration with launchctl daemon, before logon session. But the script associate with the button doesn’t start, nothing happens.
I conclude that I have a problem with path, there are in absolute but it seems not work.
Do you know the solution ?


EDIT : it’s ok : I have added Environment variables /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

New problem :
One script doesn’t work when i launch openhab in daemon before log in session.
It contains a special command : ssh root@hostname 'shutdown …'
Do you know a solution ?