Script for heating control?

Hello guys.
I was wondering, has anyone made a “killer” script for controlling heating/underfloor heating? Here I don’t mean a simple on/off control… But a controller with a kind of PI / PID, where it’ll open a bit for the hearing even if the set point is reached, then close if the temperature gets more than 1 degree over the set point… Also it could take care of when doors and windows are open and the temperature suddenly drops, then close the heating for 30 minutes or something…

Even if someone did you must adapt the time constant to the dynamic reaction of your room e.q. step response. Otherwise you might create an oscillating or even instable system.

Nothing simply done in my eyes without basic knowledge of control theory. A two point controller (on/off) is a good start and works quite well since the time constant is quite high, meaning the reaction of your roomtemp to more heating is slow

I quick searched for sth but it is in german…maybe it might help.

Yes I know - it needs to be trimmed…, but this could also be done by changing the integral and gain… No problem there (I know the basics) just don’t wanna start from scratch, so if someone had done some of the coding… And some experience…

It was just more to get the ability to open the floor heating something like 10% when so is reached… I have a very low energy house that doesn’t require pretty much heat, meaning the tiles on the floor easily get a bit cold… This could be compensated with just a small opening of the heat until the actual temp is a bit higher than sp

I assume them you have a properly controllable valuve set as opposed to simple open/closed :slight_smile: Very swish.

I’ve worked on calibrating HVAC systems in vehicles so have a vauge grasp of PI (didnt bother with D) controlling slow response systems like this.
The abject vital item is to NOT let the I term ratchet up so high that when you need a large change that it cant recover fast enough.
I’ll dig out my notes and general code for a car based system and see if that can be ported to a rule.

The Valve Controller can be sat with a time interval, could be 10 minutes, then 10 % is modulated to have 1 min ON time during the 10 minutes… Or smaller :slightly_smiling:

Sounds awesome if something could be generated to this :slight_smile: the situation is a bit different, with the Underfloor heating, since it doesnt react fast, when heating is needed…