Script openhab openwebnet

Hello everyone … I would like to create a script in OPENHAB to make a GENERAL command to turn off lights in OPENWEBNET … can you help me to start understanding how to start the script? I know the OWN language … but not how to write the SCRIPT … Thanks a lot to everyone

well what does the script do just send on to an item linked to a bticino gen? if yes what will start that script ?

Is there a reason why you dont want to use the bticino openwebnet Binding? Would be much easier than creating a script…

hello and thanks for the answer … actually I would like to use the bticino binding… but how do I do it? the objects I see after the search do not show me the general command, that is, find only the ACTUATORS F411/4 and not the commands configured with GEN …

That is correct, gen commands are not supported by the Binding.
You can create a group Item that contends all items you want. I do this with my shutters, but they Start and Stop Not exact parallel as they are controlled one after each other. For blinds this is problematic, for switching Lights it should Not matter.

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