Script to export Omnik (iGen) inverter data to Openhab

I’ve been struggling with getting the data from my two Omnik inverters into Openhab. So far I’ve been using a script to scrape the data of the Omnik website which received the inverters data through a push from the inverter.
The solution worked most of the time, but has a lot of dependencies: external tools (phantomjs), omnik website, external network. All of which were not under my control.

As soon as I found out about jsr223 and the possibility to have OpenHAB rules in python, I started to adapt a third party Omnik-data script to OpenHAB (thanks Wouterrr).

The script will now connect to any number of inverters, combine the data and update three OpenHAB items with total enery, todays energy and actual power.

It needs the jsr223 installed and configured, no other dependencies.
If you want to give it a try:

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