SD 3.1 Openhabian image flash. Karaf console access allowed from remote host

According to the documentation the karaf console should not be allowed access from a remote host by default. This is not my experience. I am able to access from both my remote and localhost.

Inspection of Line 74 of /etc/openhab/services/runtime.cfg shows sshHost un-commented and set to instead of the secure default of 127.0.01 or to be commented out. =

The first time I realized the problem it was after several days of configuring, so today I verified a new flash before any other changes following the first time boot.

The docs you quote is on the ‘pure’ software default.
openHABian now changes that default as some deployments actually rely on this.
So what’s your point ?

I read in two separate locations of the Openhab documention that the default installation is not to allow remote connections to the karaf console because of security reasons. There are also instructions on how to change to allow remote connecitons. There is no mention that the Openhabian default installation does the opposite of what is mentioned in the documentation.

    “The sshHost entry controls the interface address to bind to. sshHost = (localhost) is the default due to obvious security reasons. If you are on a secure network or you are fully aware of all of the risks of exposing your system to the public, you can change the bind address.”

    “By default, connections are only allowed from localhost, i.e. only from the machine running openHAB. Connections are intentionally not allowed from remote hosts due to security concerns. To change this, see Bind Console to All Interfaces.”

openHABian provides a (somewhat) configured openHAB, so the docs you quote, which are for ‘pure’ unconfigured console function in openHAB, don’t apply to what you get on openHABian.
Yes this is somewhat nitpicking but correct. This is what inadvertently happens some day when different people work on different parts of a large project.
This is Open Source, anyone can help: add this hint to the docs yourself. There’s a link at each docs page at the bottom.

Thanks. I was not sure if there was an real issue.
It has been helpful to read the documentation showing differences of each install since I am currently upgrading from openhab2 to v3. While I pay closer attention to the forums and docs it is an opportunity to contribute in some way. I look forward to improving the instructions for this case while researching my best options for upgrade.