Sd card Back up

Hey guys,

I’ve been successfully using openhab for a year or so now and have been backing up (Openhabian) my SD card using win32 disk imager. The problem is is the IMG file is now 65gb? Is that normal?
Any help advice will be appreciated.

How big is you SD?
post you values please

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I just did df -h and saw that I’m only using 2gb. Does that mean the file that gets created is that same size as the SD card? And not just the OS…
Oh crap I think I’ve answered my own question.

Yes, a card image reflects the whole capacity of the device, including unused space.

Is there anyway of reducing the size? And using a smaller SD card?

If you only want to get a 1:1 Image of your SD card -> try dd gzip

I am not sure.

The current tools i know, w32diskimager or etcher, are not up to the task yet.

You could try GParted Live from an x86 system with the SDCard/USB Stick connected via cardreader.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Windows backs up only the used data and allows restore to different sized SD cards.