SD Problem

Hi all this is quite of topic but maybe someone can help.
My OH on raspberry is not starting anymore (or rather starting but is unreachable)
I verified that the SD is somehow write protected so I guess at startup the OS is trying to wrote some files and fails.
I can see all files and I even did a backup using dd but when I rewrite it I am stuck in the same situation.

Now the two questions:

  1. Anyone knows how I can reenable write /reuse this sd?
  2. Supposing the sd is damaged and I take a new one will it be enough to simply copy the files there (rather then rewriting the image on it). I am asking since, I suppose, that rewriting the verbatim image on the new SD might just recreate the problem on the new sd.

Hope having written not too many stupid stuff :slight_smile: tx for the help

update: running fsck from a linux pc tells me superblock is damaged. So I guess SD corruption,
So, again more a linux then OH Qn, will a dd with a fresh raspbian image reset it?

If the SD card is worn out, I expect you would encounter an error trying to copy an image to it. If you succeed in imaging a fresh Raspbian to it, it’s possible that there was some other issue and you’re OK. Otherwise, time for a new SD card… I used this tutorial for running off an external disk in order to avoid wearing out the SD card.

Thanks Watou.
I managed to get an image but, when I restore it, I run into the same problem.
Next step indeed was to start with a brand new raspbian and “brute force copy” there the files of the previous install (which I can appearently read).

Interesting the link you suggested. I think I will indeed try to run it from my NAS wich is in complete raid setup.

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