Search caldav events in rule

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a work shift reminder for my wife. She has her shifts in a google calendar labeled f.e. “F” for early shift, “S” for late shift and “N” for night shift. All events are all-day-long.

I’ve managed to get the events loaded by the caldavio-binding but don’t know how to proceed from there and need advice.

Is it possible to iterate over all loaded events in a rule?
Do I have to assign items to all possible events per day? What happens if I did not create enough items?

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No way to do that, as far as I know. I also don’t know of a reason it’d be necessary.


You can always create more.

Hi namraccr,

But how do I find out “today is early shift”? Maybe I don’t get the concept of the caldav binding not right yet.

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You did read the docs, right?

It looks like you’d be interested in the filtering section.