Searching for a simple touch switch (zigbee or zwave)

what i want to achieve:
i have installed a zigbee lightstrip in our bedroom and want 2 simple touch switches (which i just glue on the bedside tables)

maybe im too blind but i can´t find a simple touch panel which simply sends on/off to a zigbee or zwave network. most are real switches for in-wall use …
maybe anyone of you has some tips?


You’re limiting your search. Since you already have OpenHAB, instead try looking for any wifi-enabled switch. You can even use Amazon dash buttons! So basically you link that button to OH and OH will send the ON/OFF commands to your lightstrip.

If I were you, I’d use a simple ESP8266-01, roughly $3. It is WIFI-ready and all you have to do is do very LITTLE coding and a single switch hooked up to GPIO.

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These are inexpensive and with some rules work just fine.


ah i see what you mean, yes youre right.
i thought it would be better to stay within a “net” but with OH and rules your quite independent (the core-mission off OH)