Searching for a Tags-List

Hello Guys!

I am just playing around with openhab and my smarthome and at the moment I am integrating openhab in Alexa (or the other way around?) :slight_smile:

I tag my items via the REST API. I also want to see my window contacts in the Alexa-App, but the problem is, that I am searching for a complete tag list with all possible tags for the moment, but I cant find one. Does someone have a list of all tags? Or where can I find one?

Assuming you’re using the openHAB skill for Alexa, it’s no longer tags but metadata although skill v2, Hue and Homekit tags are supported for backward compatibility. Read the docs:

Scroll down to see v2 tags.

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Supported v2 Item Tags

v2 Item Tag v3 Metadata Label
Lighting Lighting
Switchable Switchable
ContactSensor ContactSensor
CurrentTemperature CurrentTemperature
CurrentHumidity CurrentHumidity
Thermostat Thermostat
β”” CurrentTemperature CurrentTemperature
β”” homekit:HeatingCoolingMode HeatingCoolingMode
β”” homekit:TargetHeatingCoolingMode HeatingCoolingMode
β”” homekit:TargetTemperature TargetTemperature
β”” TargetTemperature TargetTemperature
WindowCovering Blind


β”” = child tag of tag Thermostat