Searching velux binding for OH 2.5 please

Hi all,

my openhab 2.5 installation works now for many years and I use many bindings:

  • knx1
  • tesla
  • opensprinkler
  • opendaikin
  • fritzbox tr064 and callmonitor
  • amazonecho
    … and many of rules.
    since 2020 I want to switch to openhab3 and spent a lot of time - with many problems (knx1->2, callmonitor…)
    Now I want to integrate velux windows with the velux-binding, but I cannot find the .jar files for openhab2.5 anymore. In Openhab3 it works fine, but I need the velux windows still in openhab2.5.
    Does anyone know/have the org.openhab.binding.velux-2.5.12-SNAPSHOT.jar binding for me?

Best regards, Jürgen

Should be here :

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