Searching ZigBee Thermostat

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can you recommend me a thermostat that works with a ZigBee Binding?

It is important to me that the valve position can be read and set.

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That might depend on your heating system. :wink:
Here in the US, except for a few very old homes, the heating systems do not have valves & plumbing.

what zigbee thermostat do you guys use?

Actually I have a programmable thermostat but not a smart home one.

Hi, I’m using a Eurotronics Spirit ZigBee Thermostat.
I’m able to set the temperature, but not the valve position.
Technically it is possible to set a valve position via zigbee according to:
It seems to be a non standard function which seems to be not implemented in the zigbee binding as of now.
See also this post regarding setting valve position: Cant connect Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee to OH using BitronVideo Coordinator

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So far the binding can’t do it.
But that can still be implied.

does anyone else know of a zigbee thermostat that provides this function?

As far as I know it is not a standard ZigBee function, so unless someone adds this information to the binding, then no devices will support this in the binding since by default the binding only implements ZigBee standards.

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The position in a valve is pretty hard to recognize… Normally you´ll only need to read/control its state (open/close).

Also a thermostat is not a valve… Normally thermostats controls a valve, (again, it open or close the valve). The valve CAN be build into the thermostat, (like the one linked to above). But it could also just be a controller thermostat, which sends an on/off to an external valve (actuator) or a valve in your boiler…
Like this one:

So in short - You need to define, what sort of thermostat you need… Zigbee is just the communication part :smiley:

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