Second channel somatic RC-19 cannot be linked

I’m running the homatic add-on. Thermostats and roller shutter are working. I was also able to add one channel of the HM-RC-19 remote control - but whenever I try to add a second it ends up with linking either the first (Paper-UI) or an error regarding a duplicated UUID (habmin).

Any ideas? What I want to achieve is that I can use this channels in the hue emulation to tell Alexa “Hell” to open up all roller shutters and dunkel to close them. Instead of using the RC button which than triggers a program I would prefer starting the program directly - but this did not work also…

Thanks in advance

It also happens when I add something as an item from the Gateway-Extras. It leads always to the same Item “Hell”…


How can I cleanup manually the database (partially). The .item files are not there anymore, right?

It is a 1 week old OH2 on Raspi